At CONSULT ACCOUNTS AUDITING we deliver a robust and innovative approach to audit and assurance. We recognize the primary importance of internal control over financial reporting and for this reason our audit approach emphasizes risk management, IT assurance, data analytics and financial reporting.

Our key deliverables typically include, reports to the audit committee on significant risks, the design and implementation of internal control over financial reporting, IT controls and IT audit reports on transactions and processes, analytical procedures designed to explain variances between actual and expected performance, reporting under International Standards on Auditing, review engagements, assurance engagements and related services

Our Services

Working closely with your teams to understand your problems in which we will assist to deliver a customized solution for you.
Our Consulting engagements and training delivery will be of the highest caliber and delivered by highly qualified personnel.

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Internal Audit

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Risk Management

Corporate Governance

Our Work Flow

- Understand your problem : First step of any engagement, we ask you to engage us to understand what your goal is, so we can agree on how to reach the goal. One size does not always fit all

- Customize a Solution : We will work on customizing a solution for your organization. As the same department in different organizations can be completely different, our delivery should be customized specifically for you.

- Delivery of our Solution : Our team of qualified personnel will deliver a customized solution to you, and we will want to be there to see the benefits and return with you!


CONSULT ACCOUNTS AUDITING Audit has a very cordial yet professional work environment. The Company values the inputs given by team members. We encourage a free and open exchange of ideas, challenge you constantly, and appreciate your achievements. Our work ethics like Client Focused Approach, Teamwork, and Respect for the Individual and Integrity guide us in our daily routine.

We are committed to providing avenues for better growth and helping people scale the heights of success. Hence we are renowned to be the Employer of choice who offers prospective careers and excellent benefits.

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